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Tarox Front Solid Discs 227.5mm 0710 Bendix for Fiat X1/9

Product Code: TAR-0710-FSB-FIX19TT
Condition: New
Type: Solid
Axle: Front
System: Bendix
A = Diameter: 227.5mm
B = Max Thick: 11mm
C = Min Thick: 9.5mm
D = Offset: 46mm
E = Bore: 62mm
F = Studs: 4
Qty: 2 Discs = 1 Axle
For A to F details: See included picture.
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Tarox make this set in four disc types for different uses. Please chose function over style especially for high performance cars, those that like to brake late and any track use.

F2000. Fast Road and Serious Track Grooved These are the ideal solution for those who alternate the use of their car on the road with serious sessions on the track.

G88. Fast Road and Light Track Grooved These are probably the best known of all Tar.Ox discs and the most instantly recognisable with its multiple radial grooves on the braking surface of the discs. The preferred disc by most road users.

Sport Japan. Fast Road Grooved and Drilled discs feature 6 grooves to de-glaze the pads, whilst helping to vent the gases and scale which cause fading. Drilled holes remove heat, allowing the discs to run cooler. Not recommended for hard Track use opt for the F2000 instead

Zero. Fast Road and Serious Track Blank. Although plain in appearance the Zero discs are far better than any original disc. Depending on the car it could be special order only so always check in advance.

For a detailed description of all of Tar.Ox products please Click Here or scroll down to the bottom and locate Product Information Pages.

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