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Tarox Front Brake Pads SP0027.112 Strada for Fiat X1/9

Every day driving and fast road.
Product Code: TAR-SP0027.112-FIX19TT
Condition: New
Part Code: SP0027.112
Type: Strada
Main Use: Fast Road
Qty: 4 Pads 1 Axle
Axle: Front
System: Bendix
Fitting kit: If needed
Temp range: 150°C to 350°C
Temp Max: 600°C
COF Cold: 0.37
COF Hot: 0.42
Vehicle Date: 1973 to 1990
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Strada stands for Street/Road, so these Tar.Ox Brake Pads are really good for fast road use and every day driving.

They work great from cold and provide immediate response without pre-heating whilst also offering a higher coefficient of friction for improved braking power, improved resistance to high temperatures and a longer service life than O.E materials.

They provide an excellent pedal feel and allow full control over braking for the driver.

Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 600°C, this pad has an optimum temperature range of 150°C to 350°C.

... And for those in the know... Coefficient of friction is:

Cold 0.37

Hot 0.42

Note 1 There may be a Corsa or Competizione version of this part, see Related Products below.

Note 2 For best results add a set of Tar.Ox Brake Discs.

Tar.Ox Braking. The Brakes your life can depend on.

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