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AT27 Electrical Terminals qty 365

Condition: New
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BOX 365 on total
15 x WT1    (red spade 2.8mm) 40 x WT44   (blue ring 5.3mm)
20 x WT3    (red spade 6.3mm) 20 x WT45   (blue ring 6.4mm)
25 x WT4    (blue spade 4.8mm) 20 x WT46   (blue ring 8.4mm)
25 x WT5    (blue spade 6.3mm) 30 x WT59   (blue male spade)
10 x WT7    (yellow spade 9.5mm) 20 x WT63   (red bullet)
20 x WT12  (blue spade 6.3mm - insulated) 40 X WT64   (blue bullet)
20 x WT15  (red butt) 20 x WT66   (red receptacle)
20 x WT16   (blue butt) 20 x WT67   (blue receptacle)
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